JB's 2020 NFL Mock Draft

The first of a handful of Mock Drafts before the big draft party on draft night! Check out who JB has going in the first round!


Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow


Washington Redskins

Chase Young

EDGE, Ohio State

Detroit Lions

Jeffrey Okudah

CB, Ohio State

New York Giants

Mekhi Becton

OT, Louisville

Miami Dolphins

Tua Tagovailoa

QB, Alabama

Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert

QB, Oregon

Carolina Panthers

Isaiah Simmons

LB, Clemson

Arizona Cardinals

Tristan Wirfs

OT, Iowa

Jacksonville Jaguars

Derrick Brown

IDL, Auburn

Cleveland Browns

Andrew Thomas

OT, Georgia

New York Jets

Jedrick Wills

OT, Alabama
Las Vegas Raiders


Jerry Jeudy

WR, Alabama

San Francisco 49ers


Henry Ruggs III

WR, Alabama

Tampa Bay Buccaneers


K'Lavon Chaisson


Denver Broncos


CeeDee Lamb

WR, Oklahoma

Re-living Sports Moments during Covid-19: 2008 Phillies World Series Run

Hello fellow Americans! I am not going to lie to you this week may have been the craziest week of my life. The combination of panic, paranoia and stress has become a perfect cocktail of doom. Personally, I think that all of the stress has come due to the fact that my main outlet since I have been 3 years , Sports, are no longer accessible. I mean sports still exist but the entire sports landscape has been put on hold. Today would have been the first Friday of March Madness. A day that I always get together with my best friends, some of whom I don't see very often anymore, and sit at the same spot at the same bar every year and watch the greatness that is the NCAA Tournament. We have done this for well over a decade. We even did this when my wedding was the next day (with everyone promising to not be hungover for the pictures of course). We couldn’t do it today...and that sucks.

So, today I sat and thought about all of the great sports moments that I have witnessed and how these …

KOBE by: Chol Souders

This one hit me a little different. Maybe it was because of the sudden way that it happened or maybe it was just because of where I am in my personal life. Maybe it was the fact that we both grew up in the Philly metro area and that he was a senior in high school when I was a freshman. It could be because I knew of him since I was 12 years old and he was a local high school basketball phenom that people referred to as “ the next great one from Philly”. I’m sure all of this played a factor but I will tell you what hit me the most was the images of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gigi.

To me Kobe was always an icon. I first started following him when I read a season outlook about the best players in Philadelphia when I was 12 years old. At this point I was basically living at the neighborhood basketball courts and all levels of basketball caught my interest. My friends and I would watch local high school, college, or NBA games and often would record them on VHS in order to be able to go…

Super Bowl Preview: Will Andy finally get his win? By: Chol Souders

The best and worst day of the year is finally upon us! I look forward to the Super Bowl all year but there is also an overcast of misery associated with knowing that this is the last football game that we will be watching for months. Hopefully this year’s game will actually be worth watching and not make me want to go play in traffic like last years contest did.
Everything is lining up nicely for a memorable matchup. The Chiefs have finally made it through the Patriots and the new face of the NFL, Patrick Mahomes, looks like he is on the cusp of being the legit “guy” in the league. He has the talent and he has the MVP, the only thing that is missing is that Championship. On the other side of the field the 49ers are a true rebuild story. They were one of the worst teams in the league just a few short years ago. They made the correct hires, drafted flawlessly from the top of the draft and signed the perfect veteran cast-offs to make a killer combination of youth and inexperience cross…

Talent: The 2019 Philadelphia Eagles Season (follow up to a series of rants) By: John Burke

Where do you even start with this season. It literally was all over the place. The season was filled with many up’s and a lot of downs. It looked like it was all but over after a horrendous loss to Miami and sitting at 5-7 but then
something happened. It is the same thing that has happened the past 3 seasons down the
stretch,when it matters most. Dougie P had his team focused and ready for a stretch run with
the opportunity to still win the division and make the playoffs.
A lot of factors played into this,
one being the division was historically bad, but the Eagles still had their shot to win it regardless
and needed to win their last 4 to do so. And you know what … they did. They beat the Cowboys
to essentially win the division, with it all online they beat the stinking Cowboys. That in itself
makes evey iggles fan incredibly happy. They win against the Giants in the final week to take
the division and are headed to playoffs. That is the smallest part of the narrative of this seas…

Week 17 DFS Sleepers

Business note:
Week 17 sucks! There is no other way around it. Teams like to sit their stars and rest them up for a playoff run and even worse some teams play their stars but pull them after a half, a quarter, or sometimes even a drive. This week is by far the hardest week in fantasy to figure out but it can also be very rewarding if you can narrow down your choices of who to play and use a handful of players that you expect to be in competitive situations. I will be targeting those that need to win to get in to the playoffs (Eagles and Cowboys) and those that are playing for a certain seed/bye/or against a team that is tanking. Understanding the coaches mindset is important also. To some coaches hosting a playoff game is more important than having rested players but to others the rest is more important.

Personal Note:
We would like to thank those of you that read our articles throughout our first NFL season on the new site. It was very rewarding to be able to hear stories form thos…

Week 16 DFS Sleepers by Chol Souders and John Burke


No long write up this week. The season is nearing an end and it is Christmas week so get out there win some fucking money and spend it on your families that allow you to play these games and risk $$$ weekly. Most importantly spend time with your family and friends because there is no GPP hit that can match the value of precious time spent with those that you love around the holidays. Merry Christmas everyone! Get out there and Rip Em!


Gut call with some stats to make me feel even better. Detroit pass D is bad, are
prone to big plays, and have allowed double digit QB’s to score over 20 points
against them. Lock does not seem gun shy. Cheap play huge upside

He gets to face Carolina this week who allow the most point to fantasy RB’s and
have allowed RB’s to score in 10 straight games. Add in the motivation factor of
needing 80 yards for a 1k season under his belt and could make for a huge da…