NFL DFS Sleeper Picks - Week 6

We are hitting you guys with a short article this week. The sickness has spread through the Philly Sports Wave families  this week. We all must  have hit it too hard over the last two weeks because each day a different one of us was sick. Rick Starfish and Chol are going to try to do a brief Pod this week and we will do some detailed updates to this article by Sunday at noon  but for now here are some picks that we are looking at this Sunday:
Update (Sunday at 12:30 PM):TE- Trey Burton- is getting some larger play in our lineups with his low cost allowing him to fit into some heavily star studded builds. Burton is getting his legs under him and is a legit target in the Colts offense.....if Big Phil Rivers can connect. WR- Devin Duevernay- $3k minimum cost. The ravens have been trying to find ways to get him involved more. He is in a good spot lining up as the number two WR against the Eagles in certain sets. This is big time roll of the dice but if you want to roll with a minimum cost …

Philly Sports Wave Week 5 NFL DFS Podcast

Unfortunately, we had a technology issue and this weeks Podcast needs to be re-recorded. Our plan is to have a short 20 minute recording posted by 11am on Sunday AM, which should have most updates to our picks on it as well. Please, feel free to check out the Free DFS Sleeper pick article to get an idea of who our sleeper plays are for Week5 and keep on livin playboys. 
UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEW EMERGENCY UPDATED PODCAST IS UP:

Thanks again for continuing to ride the wave! We apologize for any inconvenience. 
Vaya Con Dios!

Philly Sports Wave- NFL Week 5 DFS Sleeper Picks

Well, we are at that point in the NFL Season where Covid has caused it to become a complete shitshow. Bye weeks are starting this week, even though only two teams have a bye, and more and more players are testing positive for "The Vid". (Note to Titans: If the NFL tells you not to go to the facility and lift/workout together to prevent the spread, it is not cool to meet up with each other and lift/workout at a location away form the NFL-ran facility!) Hopefully your season long commissioners have added additional IR spots to help work through this. I hope that it does not get worse but it is trending that way.
As for this week, check back on Sunday AM for updates. If any games are postponed or cancelled or any players are forced to sit out like Cam Newton last week our picks and changes will be listed in updates on Sat Night and Sunday Morning.
Chol's WEEK 5 SEXXXY PICKSQB- Teddy Bridgewater

Clearly, we love the Panthers in this matchup (look at our full picks!). I have lea…

Philly Sports Wave: Week 4 Sleeper Show

 Philly Sports Wave - WEEK 4 NFL DFS SLEEPER PICKSAll 3 of the boys are back again to give their top sleeper plays for Week 4 NFL DFS contests. Due to the MLB playoffs currently airing and Thurs Night Football close to kicking off we kept this episode to around 40 minutes. There is a deeper dive into our top picks in the Sleeper article on Check it Check it out!!!!

Philly Sports Wave- Week 4 DFS Sleeper Picks

Last week did not end up as bad as it looked at first. Check out The Article from last week for a complete recap that was done on Sunday night and a review of the Millimaker winning lineup from Draftkings. 
This week we actually agreed on many of the top plays and had to re-write the article because JB and Chol had common names for three positions each on their write up. Check out this weeks podcast to hear/watch a deeper dive into each position with Chol, JB and Rick Starfish doing a quick 30 minute review of their best sleeper plays of the week.Combine these plays with your top plays of the week and make that paper! There are big winners every week. Lets make one be you this week! Hit us up on twitter with any questions! @CholSouders, @jmb0629, and @Rick_Starfish.  Send all dick pics to @jmb0629.This week is not the week to spend all of your money. To put it lightly this slate wasn't very appealing to begin with and now the Titans, Steelers, Patriots and Chiefs are not on the sl…

Philly Sports Wave Week 3 DFS Sleeper Picks!

We have an easy write up this week. Check out the Podcast ( Philly Sports Wave on Spotify and Anchor) or our Youtube channel. We also post the Stream of the Podcast on if you want to listen while making breakfast, feeding the kids, day dreaming about your early twenties when you had no worries in the world.....have at it. We had some solid , high scoring picks last week hopefully you took our advice and mixed those picks in with some higher priced studs and made some money . it is a simple scenario. Take 2 or three of our sleeper picks and add them to the typical studs and celebrate by the time that the Sunday Night game kickoff. Here is some additional advice: enter smaller contest. the large GPPs are fun. Enter a few entries into those weekly but join some smaller contest where first place brings in $100 or $40. Those add up and even a small win like that is still A WIN! The name of the game is winning and while I would love to tell you these picks will bri…