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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly by: John Burke


THE GOOD – Patrick Mahomes
There was a lot of talk and speculation that Mahomes' play would tail off from his historic run
last year and rightfully so, typically there is always regression after a stellar year. Even more so after
a record breaking one. Mahomes took the league by storm a year ago throwing for 50 TD’s
and over 5,000 yards, everyone had to be right he couldn’t possibly match that pace again… So
far … wrong … he is on pace for 53 TD’s and 6400 yards passing. Will that pace keep up?
probably not but I do not see too much drop off coming. He has had 14 straight games of 2 or
more TD’s let that sink in one more and he ties Peyton Manning record of 15. The kid can flat
out ball and in my opinion we are simply watching greatness . Enjoy it

THE BAD – Officials
The officials in this years NFL are plain awful. The league needs to address it as quick as possible. There was anurgency to usher in
this new wave of officials after the veterans ret…

Week 4 DFS Picks by Chol Souders and John Burke



He is poised to light up this Bucs D. Sure, he has struggled out of the gate, but he has a
legitimate chance to be a top 3-5 QB this week. The Bucs run D has been sneakily solid
and I expect the Rams to fully air it out in this one. I understand that the Rams offense has
not looked explosive so far, but it is about to go down this week. With the big 3
WR’s Goff has at his disposal in Cupp, Cooks and Woods expect multiple TD’s and
a huge day. I am all in on Goff this week.


He is the rare workhorse back in a league of committees. Possibly no TY Hilton could
mean even more touches for Mack going up against a Raiders D that has given up
an average of 26 ppg to the RB position. So quick recap, workhouse back against a
shaky run D that should be the focal point of the offense. Yup give me Mack this


Fantasy Chef's Week 4 Recipe

HERDY, GERDY, BURDY, BORK-BORK!!!! A new feature this week to SportsWave is the addition of our very own Fantasy Chef cooking up top choice courses for all of your fantasy needs. Chef Jay will be sending in weekly Core picks to help build your DFS lineups around and build the ultimate roster so that you can EAT well each week.


Mecole Hardman WR KC

Detroit's defense can not seem to keep up with smaller fast athletes in the passing game. Look at the way the Miles Sanders was able to elude them last week. In addition, Darrius Slay will most likely be sticking to Sammy Watkins so that means Hardman will be free to run his deep routes against sub-par defenders and you know that Mahomes is going to hit at least one of those deep balls.

Chicago Bears Defense

The bears look like they are getting into form with their new defensive coordinator. They have a tough divisional game this week against Minnesota but the heart of Chicago's defense is its run stopping. Dalvin Cook i…

Week 3: DFS Sleeper Picks by Chol Souders and John Burke

No long write up to lead into this week. Last week showed that any asset in a strong offense can bring in BIG value (D. Robinson). This week will be interesting due to the fact that there are many injuries to quarterbacks around the league and whenever there is a qb change there is a sense of uncertainty that accompanies it. Who will the new QB1 throw to? Will top name receivers be looked at more by the new starters or will that starter have a better feel for other wideouts? Keep your eyes open this week and don't be afraid to take some risk. There are a good amount of low cost players that may explode due to changes in circumstance. Be aggressive!


QB – Josh Allen
Allen falls into that category of "well i guess he will do" but the bottom line is that he is a QB that not only can put up some hefty passing yards but he also is above average in regards to rushing. Any time that you can maximize output at the Qb position it benefits you to do it. if you aren…

Burke's Ode to Fantasy Football

Everybody has their own story; a beginning, a middle and an end. Everyone also thinks that story is unique, special sometimes even the greatest story ever told. Am I saying that this story is? Nah, but its pretty damn cool.

I am going to date myself a little here but when I started paying attention to fantasy sports you still had to add your scores up from the box scores of the newspaper the following day so its been a while and we have come a long way with it all. I started my league with 9 guys I worked with in a restaurant, I had some knowledge and knew what I was doing but it was the first real time running a league. To say there was growing pains would be an understatement. Defenses were too strong, we took away too many points for interceptions, fumbles were to stat negative, we played the championship game in week 17,our pets heads were falling off!... You know things of that nature. It could have easily folded but something happened, bonds were formed, friendships made, and we…

Week 2 : DFS Sleepers by Chol Souders and John Burke

It was a typical week one for the NFL. There were many surprises but overall we had just enough sleepers in our DFS lineups to overcome some terrible performances (J. Winston needs to work more on throwing the football and less on eating W's). Week 2 is always an interesting week in fantasy because most fantasy players will completely give up on those that let them down in week 1 and go all in on those that over performed. We are here to tell you not to do that. Sure there will be some repeat performances and we are even highlighting some of these as our "go to sleepers" but most years there are week 1 stars that never pan out. You will find one or two that end up being solid picks that can help each week at a low cost or become a every week player in season long formats ( think Anquan Bolden during his rookie year).

Pricing is always funny this time of year in DFS so fantasy players main objective should be to focus on those players that you think will bring back 5x val…

9/11 Never Forget

Every generation has one or two moments that become a "where were you when" moment. For my generation, 9/11 was just that. It is crazy for me to think of how much the world has changed since 9/11/2001. TO be completely honest, it is hard to even imagine what the world was like back then. It was a simpler time. Much of the social unrest that is common today existed but it was hidden. Social media was a thing but it was nowhere near the monster that it had become and in many ways the out of sight out of mind way of life that existed in the early 2000s made for a society that was not filled with as much hate as today.

Where was I when the horrors of 9/11 occurred? I was just starting my second year at Temple University. I had an early morning class on that Tuesday. My class started at 7 or 7:30 am. I remember my professor ending class a bit early after that first plane hit the tower. Upon leaving class I ran into an old friend from high school, who's father was a high rank…

What we learned in Week 1

Week 1 has come and gone and just like every other year there were many surprises. Unlike Back to the Future 2, there are no copies of Gray's Sports Almanac being passed around in the real world. Nobody knows exactly what the outcomes of each contest will be and if people say they do then they are scamming you. A professional sports better shoots to finish the year above 55% in predictions so that he or she can turn a profit. All you can do as a fan is take information that you learn week by week and use it to assess each matchup and choose the most likely winners that way. Here are ten things that we learned form Week 1:

1.) The Miami Dolphins are going to be historically bad.
Miami started the year off by getting absolutely destroyed by a Ravens offense that many experts expected to be a mid tier offense. The typical rush heavy Ravens attack was able to dominate Miami through the air and honestly, the Dolphins looked like a semi-pro team playing their idols. There are even rumo…

Week 1: Fantasy Player Rankings

Deshaun Watson Hou vs NO
Patrick Mahomes KC vs JAX
Jameis Winston TB vs SF
Lamar Jackson BAL vs MIA
Dak Prescott DAL vs NYG
Carson Wentz PHI vs WAS
Cam Newton CAR vs LAR

Christian McCaffrey, CAR vs LAR
Saquon Barkley, NYG @ Dal
Alvin Kamara, NO vs HOU
Ezekiel Elliott, DAL vs NYG
Dalvin Cook, MIN vs ATL
Nick Chubb, CLE vs TEN
Chris Carson, SEA vs CIN
Kerryon Johnson, DET @ ARI
Leonard Fournette, JAC vs KC
Todd Gurley, LAR @ CAR
Le'Veon Bell, NYJ vs BUF
Phillip Lindsay, DEN @ OAK
Devonta Freeman, ATL @ MIN
Tevin Coleman, SF @ TB
Joe Mixon, CIN @ SEA
Austin Ekeler, LAC vs IND

DeAndre Hopkins, HOU @ NO
Michael Thomas, NO vs HOU
Odell Beckham Jr., CLE vs TEN
JuJu Smith-Schuster, PIT @ NE
Mike Evans, TB vs SF
Tyreek Hill, KC @ JAC
Julio Jones, ATL @ MIN
Adam Thielen, MIN vs ATL
Tyler Lockett, SEA vs CIN
Kenny Golladay, DET @ ARI
Amari Cooper, DAL vs NYG
Julian Edelman, NE vs PIT
Chris Godwin, TB vs SF
Dede Westbrook, JAC vs KC
Brandin Cooks, LAR @ CAR
Tyler Boyd, CIN @ SEA