Burke's Ode to Fantasy Football

Everybody has their own story; a beginning, a middle and an end. Everyone also thinks that story is unique, special sometimes even the greatest story ever told. Am I saying that this story is? Nah, but its pretty damn cool.

I am going to date myself a little here but when I started paying attention to fantasy sports you still had to add your scores up from the box scores of the newspaper the following day so its been a while and we have come a long way with it all. I started my league with 9 guys I worked with in a restaurant, I had some knowledge and knew what I was doing but it was the first real time running a league. To say there was growing pains would be an understatement. Defenses were too strong, we took away too many points for interceptions, fumbles were to stat negative, we played the championship game in week 17,our pets heads were falling off!... You know things of that nature. It could have easily folded but something happened, bonds were formed, friendships made, and we had ourselves a league. Rule changes were voted on to make the league better this wasn’t a dictatorship this was our league.

As normal leagues go some people moved on, but we were able to maintain our core adding in better pieces to fit the league, closer friends’ people who we hang around with all the time it just made the league better that way. The league developed from a bunch of co workers to a league of buds... best friends ... and that is usually the best leagues the be apart of. The season long trash talk, crowning of the winner while ridiculing the loser with the worst record its all part of the league . But if you must ask me my favorite part of the league that’s very easy. It’s draft night … 10 of us every year same day get together to draft, talk and have a genuine good time. You see as time has gone on we obviously all have gotten older… started families, gotten married , moved away … but one things remains the same .. the league, this one night where we all gather every year like nothing has changed. The shit talking starts immediately, drinks start flowing and we are off drafting making it through round by round, people drafting the same player twice sometimes three times, whatever it works for us … there really isn’t anything like draft night with the buds. Its my favorite part of our league. Don’t get me wrong I like winning … A lot … but the draft and the league is what brings us together and I never lose sight of that and I never will. You see I have a hope that we continue this league until we simply cannot anymore and then pass this league on to my sons with the hopes my friends’ sons and daughters can take over for them as well. We have plenty of time before that happens, but it is a dream.

Fantasy football took a league of coworkers 14 years ago and helped to be the catalyst to a league of genuine best friends. Sure, some know more than others some take the craft more seriously, study it more and are fascinated by the ins and outs of the industry more. Some do it as a release from family life or everyday stress.Some just enjoy the comradery of it all. I can say that my buds for the most part know what they are doing and that makes the league all that much more challenging and enjoyable.

Like I said everyone has a story… a beginning, middle and an end… ours is just far from over!


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