What we learned in Week 1

Week 1 has come and gone and just like every other year there were many surprises. Unlike Back to the Future 2, there are no copies of Gray's Sports Almanac being passed around in the real world. Nobody knows exactly what the outcomes of each contest will be and if people say they do then they are scamming you. A professional sports better shoots to finish the year above 55% in predictions so that he or she can turn a profit. All you can do as a fan is take information that you learn week by week and use it to assess each matchup and choose the most likely winners that way. Here are ten things that we learned form Week 1:

1.) The Miami Dolphins are going to be historically bad.
Miami started the year off by getting absolutely destroyed by a Ravens offense that many experts expected to be a mid tier offense. The typical rush heavy Ravens attack was able to dominate Miami through the air and honestly, the Dolphins looked like a semi-pro team playing their idols. There are even rumors that some of Miami's players requested trades after the game (My money is on Drake asking to be traded after not being the starting running back for Game 1). Overall, Miami is a shitshow.

2.) Jameis Winston is who he is
Every year Jameis Winston is expected to breakout and become a star. This year the new offense being ran by head coach, Bruce Arians was suppose to highlight the Crab stealing King's talents, however, it ended up being much of the same with regards to Winston. Jameis will always throw interceptions due to the fact that he is overconfident in his talents and believes that he can make a play under any circumstance but if he does not make the plays to outweigh his mistakes than he isn't going to become a star anytime soon.

3.) Injuries cant even slow down the Chiefs
Kansas City lost one of their best players, Tyreek Hill, to injury and what happens? Sammy Watkins steps up and has the best stat line of any wide receiver in the NFL for Week 1. The Chiefs seems like a team that is destined to make it to the AFC Championship game at minimum this season.

4.) The Antonio Brown saga is far from over
Brown has frostbite on his feet, Brown refuses to play in league mandated helmets, Brown demands his release from Raiders a week before the season, Brown signs with Pats hours after said release...what could happen next? Welp, Brown accused of sexual assault and rape....wonder how long this soap opera is gonna take to end.

5.) We get older and DJax stays the same age!
Desean Jackson looks like he hasn't missed a step at all and now that he is playing with Carson Wentz it seems like Jackson's Eagles return is a match made in heaven. It is doubtful that Jackson can continue to score multiple touchdowns weekly but he may end up as one of the league leader sin receiving yards when this season is finalized.

6.) What is going on with Todd Gurley?
Gurley had two touchdown opportunities vultured form him by Malcom Brown. Is this going to be the norm? Gurleys knack for getting in the endzone was always his value and after his low usage in last year's Super Bowl there were whispers that he was not going to be the same this season but realistically is doesn't make sense not to give your best player the ball if he is playing in the game so those whispers were overlooked for the most part.....everybody should really start looking now.

7.) The NFC East is a 2 horse race
The day didn't start off looking like it but by the time that the 4 o'clock games kicked off it was obvious that Philadelphia and Dallas are in one tier while New York and Washington are in another. This division seems like it may come down to how the Dallas vs Philly divisional game splay out.

8.) Kyler Murray is not going to take the league by storm
TO be honest, Murray looked like a deer in headlights for most of the game against Detroit on Sunday but his stat line ended looking decent due to a strong 4th quarter and an entire extra quarter since the game ended in a tie. I was impressed by Kyler fighting back from a horrendous start and realizing that he has a great asset to lean on in Larry Fitz but overall Kyler has a lot to learn and this season may be a bit of a dumpster fire for the young QB.

9.) The Steelers are going to miss Leveon and Antonio
I know...I know...the drama that Antonio brings off of the field isnt worth it but talent is talent. The Steelers got their asses handed to them by the Patriots on Sunday Night Football for the entire world to see. James Connor and Ju Ju did not resemble Leveon and Antonio one bit and Big Ben looked like he aged 10 years during the game. This seaosn is a season of change for Pittsburgh but I am not so sure that Steelers fans are going to like the direction that they are going.

Enough said.


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