Blind Faith: A series of Rants from an Eagles Fan By: John Burke

Let me preface this by stating that I am a lifelong die-hard Eagles fan. Now, with that being said
we as a fan base need to take the blinders off and look at some things. First, I know I am going
to get roasted by the people who just refuse to see what I am about to say and will have every
excuse in the book as to why I am wrong. That is ok. This is just my opinion.

This Eagles team is 12-11 since the Super Bowl win, barely getting in last year to the playoffs on
a title defense at 9-7. I get it the injuries but 9-7 none the less. Did they make a run? Yup sure
did. Were they possibly one Alshon catch away from another NFC championship game? Again,
yes I am not taking that away nor denying that, but lets look at the coaching for a minute
before I dive into the front office.
If you have not lost faith in Doug yet in some way shape or
form, then I am asking you to give this a closer look. The team has underperformed even with
the injuries. This starts with Doug and the staff he has hired. There are no checks and
balances of an experienced coaching staff like there was in 2017. Frank Reich is gone, and in my
opinion, he was the real brains behind the curtain. He is a football mind with years of
experience that was able to create a co-op of coaching and a system of checks of balances like
when Doug was about to do something stupid Frank was there to reign him in. The formations,
the play calling, the balance was all better than it is now and there is really only 2 things that
have changed. There is no Frank Reich and no Joe Defilippo. The babysitters are gone and
leaves Doug to do whatever he wants. In my opinion he just isn’t that equipped as a coach to have that
type of freedom. He doesn’t have the resume of a play caller, he never has. We will get the “he
won us a Superbowl” but as I stated already did he? or was it the coaching staff as a whole?

Just this season the Eagles have scored 0 points in the 1 st quarter on the road, but yet Doug
continues to defer the coin toss. Why? Your team is habitually a slow starting team since last
year and you allow the home team to set the tone. It just goes to show the inexperience he
shows weekly. The play calling is awful, this past week against the Vikings may have been his
worst game as a coach to date. The fake field goal that even if they miraculously complete the
pass ends the half with no time left. He looks lost as a head coach and has nobody to tell him
otherwise like he did in 2017. And please do not tell me this is all because of Desean not being
able to play to stretch the field. Does that play a factor sure it does but as a whole his
gameplans are suspect. His in-game management always leaves something to be desired and
instead of putting his team in the best chance to win he constantly goes the other way. Mike
Groh is the offensive coordinator in name only, Doug calls the plays. And this will fall on his
shoulders. Are you as a fan really content with the way things have gone? Doug is not going to
get better with time he is what he is, that is a mediocre coach with a inexperienced staff.

This entire staff does not coach well on both sides of the ball. Jim Schwartz sticks with one defense
no matter of the personal. Cory Undlin should be fired as a D backs coach because he cannot
coach up one single player. There is not one defensive back that has developed into a viable
starter. There is no help over the top ever and there is not one instance where you can tell me
that they did a great job developing him. This is on the head coach. Whose staff is it? It is Doug's staff.

If this team is going to be successful, Doug needs a veteran
staff with very good offensive and defensive coordinators to be able to tell him when he is
making a mistake. He has nobody to do that and it shows game in and game out. I was not a fan
of the hire to begin with, but I will say I have not agreed with many of coaching hiring’s and I
have been very critical of them. They won a Superbowl under him I get it, but that cannot be
the argument anymore. It happened they won but we as a fan base cannot be content and
continue to make excuses for the ineptness of this staff. We are better than that, that is what
the cowboy’s fans have done since the 90’s. The slow starts, the bad play calling, bad personal
moves, simple formations, bad route designs etc... all comes down to bad coaching and we just
make excuses for it I don’t get it we deserve better we should expect more as fans. This is bad
coaching folks no other way to slice it. We as a fan base used to expect more, hold our teams
more accountable, it is what made us Philly Fans. But yet we make all these excuses for a coach
and team that has under-performed, underwhelmed and disappointed since they won the Super
Bowl. We deserve better we deserve more than what is being given to us as a fan base. I am
thankful as a fan of this team that we finally got the one Superbowl win that has eluded the city
for so long. I am thankful for that entire team. But that does not mean we give a pass for
ineptness. We can’t, it is truly not who we are as a city nor as a fan base. We are the blue collar,
in your face, passionate assholes that everyone loves to hate, and we own it. It is time we start
holding Doug and his staff to the same standards we have with everyone else.

Ok onto the front office. We were bamboozled folks. We were told this current team has the
most talent of any Eagles teams of the past. Well that was wrong. We were told how deep they
were. Again, that was wrong. Howie Roseman and his staff brought back players like Vinny
Curry from the SuperBowl run. Traded 9 1/2 sacks away to the Patriots and let Chris long retire
because he was told his playing time would diminish. Resigned Brandon Graham to a hefty
extension and told us that this front would be able to rush the passer better than the year
before. Wrong again. I get it Bennet was and is a douche a problem in the locker room and a
cancer. You still didn’t come close to replacing his production though. Howie did not address
the secondary once again for how many years now. Because why? They resigned Darby, had
Mills coming back, who mind you still cannot cover a double move. They had blind faith that
Sidney Jones would take the next step? He is soft and cannot stay on the field. The talent
evaluators beginning with Howie are piss poor to say the least. When Howie came back from
exile in 2017 he made some incredible free agent moves and trades. Fixing old Chippy’s

mistakes. It was exciting and astounding to see his new sense of direction with it all. It was a
new Howie. Except was it? This organization as a whole for years have been habitually bad at
drafting. Lane Johnson, Wentz, Cox. all first-round hits. I am drawing a blank besides those 3
where I can say wow, they got that one right that is a homerun. That 2017 alone draft class
alone was so deep, and we are seeing now the effects of missing. Howie has been able to build
teams through free agency pieces and trades, but his drafts are bad. Barnett has
under-performed but he was bendy remember and broke Reggie’s sack record. People will be so
quick to point out his strip sack of Brady... great ... thank you … but in all seriousness what has
he done besides that? Missed in round 2 with Jones we covered that. Selected Donnel
Pumphrey awful. Rasul Douglass ok plays hard but probably out of position for his length and
speed. And that is just 2017. I do not know if Howie has learned this behavior from his
predecessors it would be a logical explanation as to why this team just cannot seem to put
together a rock-solid draft. He will hold on to picks and look for the supplemental picks
wherever he can get them. And that would be great if he actually knew what he was doing with
those picks. He, in my opinion missed big on not acquiring Ramsey from the Jags. Because the
price was too high? Not for this regime.Coveting picks is fantastic. I am huge believer you build
through the draft. It is how you sustain longevity of winning, however, this from office does not
draft well and should have offered whatever it took to sure up and lock down the best player in
the league at your biggest position of need. The haters will say what if Ramsey was mad and
didn’t get paid and pulled the injury card again. What if he got paid? Played his ass off, locked
down every number 1 receiver he faced, shortened the field for opposing offenses and helped
us win for years to come? Two sides to every coin.I would have taken that upside all day. This
front office simply failed this off season and now in season.
Howie needs to get better at
drafting or simply step aside and stick to being a cap guru. This team will not sustain long term
success with miss after miss in drafts and you are starting to see the effects of that right now.
Piss poor draft management, gross mismanagement and overconfidence and arrogance ON
roster building while neglecting areas of need. It is literally like pissing on the fan bases leg and
telling them it is rain. This organization needs to get better from top to bottom, because this
team is the heart and soul of the city. When they win, we are all so high. When they lose it is an
awful 7 days until the next game. We live and die with every play, every call, every move.
We have to expect and demand more out of this team. We as fans deserve another parade.It is
ok to want, ask,and demand more its not selfish it is deserved !


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