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Week 17 DFS Sleepers

Business note:
Week 17 sucks! There is no other way around it. Teams like to sit their stars and rest them up for a playoff run and even worse some teams play their stars but pull them after a half, a quarter, or sometimes even a drive. This week is by far the hardest week in fantasy to figure out but it can also be very rewarding if you can narrow down your choices of who to play and use a handful of players that you expect to be in competitive situations. I will be targeting those that need to win to get in to the playoffs (Eagles and Cowboys) and those that are playing for a certain seed/bye/or against a team that is tanking. Understanding the coaches mindset is important also. To some coaches hosting a playoff game is more important than having rested players but to others the rest is more important.

Personal Note:
We would like to thank those of you that read our articles throughout our first NFL season on the new site. It was very rewarding to be able to hear stories form thos…

Week 16 DFS Sleepers by Chol Souders and John Burke


No long write up this week. The season is nearing an end and it is Christmas week so get out there win some fucking money and spend it on your families that allow you to play these games and risk $$$ weekly. Most importantly spend time with your family and friends because there is no GPP hit that can match the value of precious time spent with those that you love around the holidays. Merry Christmas everyone! Get out there and Rip Em!


Gut call with some stats to make me feel even better. Detroit pass D is bad, are
prone to big plays, and have allowed double digit QB’s to score over 20 points
against them. Lock does not seem gun shy. Cheap play huge upside

He gets to face Carolina this week who allow the most point to fantasy RB’s and
have allowed RB’s to score in 10 straight games. Add in the motivation factor of
needing 80 yards for a 1k season under his belt and could make for a huge da…

Week 15 DFS Sleepers by Chol Souders and John Burke

Ok Guys! I have to be real with you all. It was a pain in the ass deciding on my picks this week with the holidays approaching and the fact that I am in the Semifinals in every season long league that I am in this week had an added amount of stress that I wasnt prepared for. JB and I both feel like we put together a great back to back weeks and we want to keep it going so we do apologize for the delay but good things come to those who wait!
Please remember that the purpose of these picks is to give you a guideline to follow. We provide low cost or projected low owned optiosn for you to mix and match with whatever players you consider studs to hopefully take home DFS glory. (Alert: If you dont know who studs are I cna not help you at this point. ex.)Godwin, Thomas and DHOP are all stud WRs and CMC, Cook and Zeek are stud RBs. You will need to pay up for their talent no matter what). Use these picks wisely. They may not all hit but if you have followed us this season and used the sugge…

Week 14 DFS Sleepers by Chol Souders and John Burke


4 straight games of over 20 fantasy points and had his best week of the year
against the Lions with 38 fantasy points. The Lions have allowed 7 of the past 8
QB they have faced to score over 20 points the lone QB who did not was Dwayne
Haskins and he stinks. I love Cousins against a horrible Lions pass defense this

6 straight games of either a TD or 90 yards and gets a Jags team that has been
awful against the run allowing 7 TD in the past 4 games to the position .There is
plenty to go around for Ekeler and Gordon to shine in the Chargers back field this

The Giants cannot cover. It is that simple. Wentz looked Jeffery’s way early and
often last week and that continues here. Philly will throw the ball regardless if
they are leading or not and Jeffery will be the main beneficiary of it against a
porous Giants pass defense.

Tampa Bay allows the second most points to TE behind Arizona and Doyle shou…