Re-living Sports Moments during Covid-19: 2008 Phillies World Series Run

Hello fellow Americans! I am not going to lie to you this week may have been the craziest week of my life. The combination of panic, paranoia and stress has become a perfect cocktail of doom. Personally, I think that all of the stress has come due to the fact that my main outlet since I have been 3 years , Sports, are no longer accessible. I mean sports still exist but the entire sports landscape has been put on hold. Today would have been the first Friday of March Madness. A day that I always get together with my best friends, some of whom I don't see very often anymore, and sit at the same spot at the same bar every year and watch the greatness that is the NCAA Tournament. We have done this for well over a decade. We even did this when my wedding was the next day (with everyone promising to not be hungover for the pictures of course). We couldn’t do it today...and that sucks.

So, today I sat and thought about all of the great sports moments that I have witnessed and how these moments are some of my best memories. Sports brings people together and unfortunately in a situation like this it is impossible to balance the need for sports and safety for our citizens. I understand shutting down everything and I anybody that can see how quickly Covid-19 is spreading should agree that all sports needed it be put on hold for the greater good. That doesn't take away the void that is left.

SportsWave has decided to tap into some of the best times and relive some of the excitement that we had in the past to hopefully serve as a getaway for some of the reality of today. I am going to post little snippets of videos or audio clips through this pandemic. Hopefully, it helps everyone get through the quarantines and God knows what else we are facing in the future.

This first post will be of highlights form the 2008 World Series. This was the first tile that I witnessed in person for a Philadelphia team (I was only months old for the 76ers 1983 run). 2008 was probably the most fun that I ever had as a sports fan. I was in attendance for most of the key moments that years and was able to celebrate the World Series victory with some of my best friends at Citizens Bank Park. Sit back and enjoy!


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