Welcome back to another year of Daily fantasy Sports! We are coming at you with a new site name (grew up to a .com over the summer) and added a little Philly to the name to bring some respect to it. THis is our third year providing sleeper pick for Daily Fantasy tournaments and after two years of success we wanted to step up the game a bit an will be providing a podcast along with our weekly article. The Pod will be available on youtube, spotify, and ITunes! We are looking forward to another year of craziness and with it being 2020 who knows where we will end up by December. One thing is for certain though...we are so happy to have the NFL back and in full effect! 

This year is not like any other year. The fact that there was no preseason makes it almost a certainty that we are going to see turnovers a plenty at the start of this season. While this may cause some people to focus on defenses having a major impact on outcomes for DFS, we are actually choosing to look at it a different way. This is the return to old school football. 

There is going to be a lot of rushing to start this year. Ball possession is going to be key and you are going to see plenty of big time performances on the ground. You are also going to see plenty of groin pulls, leg cramps and minor injuries that usually happen in August. It is just the hand that we are dealt.

 Here is your weekly reminder that these picks are not meant to be played together. Mix and Match these plays into lineups with stud (more expensive) plays. The goal here is to find cheaper plays or contrarian plays that will get you tds or big games. If a player listed is expensive we are leaning his way most likely because another player around the same cost is expected to be highly used so our play with more or similar production at the same cost is a better play because it will differentiate your lineup in large GPPs. Thats all that we have for a write up this week. Call the Boner Patrol because the excitement is through the roof! GET AT IT PLAYBOYS!!!!!

Updates Sunday 11am: 

 Boston Scott- We are playing less Boston Scott now that Miles Sanders is out and many of top industry guys are using him as a low cost play. We expect a productive game form him but we can no longer use him as a contrarian option. He will be in some lineups but we are reducing his ownership. 
 Todd Gurley- A late look at Gurley has brought an increased usage to our model. Gurley should find the end zone at least once I wouldnt be surprised to see him score multi TDs in his first game with the Dirty Birds. Look for a possible receiving td as well which would make a Ryan/Gurley stack very pretty. 

 Jalen Reagor- could both help DJax and hurt him. Having speed on the opposite side may make the safety choose which side needs more help and the rookie may surprise. We are still going hard on Djax but will be throwing him Jalen in some lineups now.

 Carson Wentz- expecting much bigger numbers form Carson now with Sanders out. Expect screen passes to be prominent to Scott and Djax and both tightends to have decent games. Carson will be a nice lower owned play in comparison to Brees, Brady and the other top names this week.  
Melvin Gordon- For slates that have Mondays games in them go heavy on Gordon since Sutton is still doubtful to play. We expect a run heavy offense by Denver. 

 Marvin Jones- Golladay is still up in the air and even if he does play he wont be in top shape. These are the type of weeks where Jones has always shined. Stafford trust him to go up and get the deep balls and he has always been dependable across the middle. Chicago has a weakness in the secondary. Jones can expose that.

Chol's Bombastic Stack: 

QB-Deshaun Watson (Thursday Night Special)
The Texans backed up that truck and paid the man! Now he is going head to head with the league MVP, Patty Football which is probably the bets possible start to the NFL season for all of us. Vegas expects high scoring. We all expect high scoring. I dont think this game will disappoint. Look for Watson to hit his new weapon in the backfield, D Johnson often and he will likely complete at least one bomb to Philly's own, Will Fuller. I am not certain that the Texans will pull of the upset but Watson is gonna get his.

Sunday QB-Cam Newton
He has tons to prove and I think that he ended up in a perfect spot for him to finish his career. He has a Head Coach that will not abandon the run. The weight of the offense will not be on his shoulders and the production of the RBs in New England has always been surprisingly good using a committee. Cam is still a mobile guy so playing him at his lower cost has nothing but upside. If he can hit Edelman out of the slot on some quick slants and maybe complete one or two long balls to Harry or one of the other young receivers he can be in for a huge day. Also, Miami isn't looking to hot defensively in my opinion but at this point I am just judging a book by its cover. 

Sunday Bonus Sleeper: Gardner Minshew
The Jags are going to have to score somehow and they are likely to be playing from behind so I expect this to be a Mustachio Bashio for our boy Gardner. I am thinking multi Td game but he probably will throw at least one pick because he is a gun slinger an will take chances that other QBs wont. Still worth the shot at a lower cost.


Jacobs is beast! No way to beat around the bush. The kid is a man child. He is going to get an increased workload this year and even though I expect the Panthers to be an improved team with my main man Matt Rhule coaching them now (Fight Fight Fight for the Cherry and White! Temple U representing!) they still are starting 2 rookies on the defensive line and it is going to take a couple of seasons to improve things. I expect Jacobs to run all over them on Sunday, His price is also bumped up a bit but in a couple of weeks I expect him to be priced as a top 6 back which in my mind will have many people elect to pay up a little more for other options so jump on him now and ride him out all year. He may be your fantasy MVP for DFS this season.

WR- JuJu Smith-Shuster

Big Ben is back and healthier than ever. He is going to go to his top target often and JuJu has a ton to prove after a disappointing season last year. Most people are writing him off as a one year wonder. I am not
I think the kid is a player and as long as Ben stays healthy 
Expect JuJu to have a monster comeback year.

TE-Zach Ertz
I dont usually go deep sleeper at tight end. Those who have read these articles for the last three years know that I prefer a top 5 tight end because I like to know what i am getting. I pay up here 95% of the time. If you want a cheaper option go Hockenson, Hearst or Gesicki depending on what you want to spend. They will all get the ball and all have great relationships with their QBs, except Hearst but it is easy to see Matty Ice loving him over the middle.

I have no idea what defense to take because as I stated earlier I fully expect there to be a lot of points scored in the first three weeks because of no pre-season. The Redskins offense looks like it is the worst offense in football on paper. i am going to bet that that translates on to the field. 

BONUS PLAY: Henry Ruggs WR
Ruggs is a new toy for Gruden and he is going to want to make a statement in the first game for LAS VEGAS. I imagine there are a handful of plays designed to get Ruggs into the end zone and as I stated with regards to Jacobs, this defense in Carolina still has a lot of improving to do. Throw Ruggs in a couple of GPPs. He may win a big one for you since he will be so low owned. 
JB’S WEEK 1 Flavor:

I have a theme for the first few games and it’s proven offense with veteran coaching staffs . I’m avoiding rookies until I know where they stand and if they can pick up the offense in the weirdest off season in NFL history .. welcome to what should be the most interesting football season we have ever seen . Here are my week 1 picks QB- MATT RYAN
- in a game that could end up being a shootout I’m taking Matty Ice at home in the dome with the plethora of weapons at his disposable . I expect big things all season long from this offense and it starts this week . It also fits my criteria of veteran coaching staff with veteran proven players . RB - TARIQ COHEN
- If Montgomery is out this is even more of a no brainer . He’s scored a TD in most recent games againts the lions and I expect that trend to continue this week. WR - TY HILTON
- let me get this out of the way I love TY this year with Rivers as his QB . I expect Rivers to lean on the veteran WR all season long and it starts now . Love him this week in DFS and all season long as well . TE - TYLER HIGBEE
- the cowboys cannot cover the TE . They just don’t do it and I don’t expect them to start now . D - COLTS
- Jaguars have traded away or released major talent on both sides of the ball . Complete rebuilds are always fun to match up againts even if the legend of Minshew Is on the other side !! Now Get out there and be somebody!!!!


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