Philly Sports Wave: Week 3 DFS Sleeper Show

The boys are back in Town and for the first time in 3 weeks all three were available at the same time to talk Daily Fantasy Sports and project another big Sunday! There is some serious sports talk, some playful commentary and even a little fandom in the episode (it is a bit scary though when Chol's talk take on Carson Wentz and the Birds current landscape is met with dead silence by JB and Fish).  I guess we are at full panic level after Week 2 in Philly!

Overall, by the end of the episode you can tell that pandemic life is wearing on the boys but it s safe to say that we are looking at another stellar week with Preston Williams and Jordan Howard both finding the endzone before we even finished recording. Lets ride that wave!!!!

***Editor's note: We mentioned that the Fantasy Chef called in his pick of Tyler Boyd this week. That was an error. he said to stay away form Joe Burrow and AJ Green and that the Eagles defense is going to step up due to the D Coordinator (May the Schwartz be with him) called out the boys to play at their true level this week.

Blizzaster is also sitting Hollywood Brown on Monday because outside WRs dont fair well in the vertical game against the KC secondary.

He is all in on Drake and DHop to be used in a mini-stack against the "Detroit Dumpster Fires" and he loves Steph Diggs against the Rams D which he calls suspect and states his reason why being that the "Rams D hasn't faced any good QB yet" ( they have faced Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz this season). We believe that this was meant to be a shot at Wentz, which is par for the course with the Fantasy Chef this season but I personally feel that Dak and Wentz both have the talent of top tier Qbs in this league. Dak's numbers have proved it this season so far and while Wentz has struggled he has time to turn it around....we will see.

Chol, JB and Starfish all are present for the first time this season. We go over the top value plays at each position and discuss how to use The Sports Waves picks effectively. Week 2 was a monster week for us and week 3 looking like it is going to be a fireworks show if the Thursday Night game is any indication. Lets Ride that Wave to some $$$$$ this week! Surf City here we come!


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