NFL DFS Sleeper Picks - Week 6


We are hitting you guys with a short article this week. The sickness has spread through the Philly Sports Wave families  this week. We all must  have hit it too hard over the last two weeks because each day a different one of us was sick. Rick Starfish and Chol are going to try to do a brief Pod this week and we will do some detailed updates to this article by Sunday at noon  but for now here are some picks that we are looking at this Sunday:

Update (Sunday at 12:30 PM):

TE- Trey Burton- is getting some larger play in our lineups with his low cost allowing him to fit into some heavily star studded builds. Burton is getting his legs under him and is a legit target in the Colts offense.....if Big Phil Rivers can connect. 

WR- Devin Duevernay- $3k minimum cost. The ravens have been trying to find ways to get him involved more. He is in a good spot lining up as the number two WR against the Eagles in certain sets. This is big time roll of the dice but if you want to roll with a minimum cost WR and hope for the best in a large GPP he may be your guy with your best shot to make gold out of POOP!

RB- Ron Jones, Taylor, Miles Sanders, and Kareem the Dream all made there way into some of our smaller lineups this week. Playing them mixed with our article picks and some Mattison in large low cost GPPs.

Updates (Sunday 10:30 AM) - Some notes after looking at our ownership in GPPs and Surprising plays that we were able to fit in. Studs and sleepers included.

Qb: Cousins and Ryan- Both look great and we will be game stacking this game and two others. Choose either Qb and roll with it.

    Minshew and Stafford- Same as above.

    Arod- He likes to step it up when facing the GOAT. Brady is always viewed as the greatest but many players form this generation say that Rodgers is the best that they ever played against. Rodgers loves stepping up in these matchups and in prime time nationally televised games. This is the game of the week at 4pm on Fox. Arod is going to look to show off and he has his boy Adams back today too. Sweet Jesus!!!!!....... update at halftime of 4o’clock games and it looks like we We’re way off on this one. Rodgers looks horrible today, hasn’t had much time and is struggling big time.

Lamar- wont be played alot because of his cost but playing him and Andrews in a stack against a Eagles defense that cant cover the tightend is a smart play. the Eagles linebackers are weak and Darius Slay may not play also so that leaves the secondary as being very depleted. 

Others: We are playing some Andy Dalton, Jared Goff and Ryan Fitz but not tons of Fitz because he is popular and it may be a contrarian play to not have him and roll with one of the others listed.

Rb: Henry - is going to dominate against a Texans defense that is ranked 31st in the league. Henry will cost you but when you play our sleepers you should be able to fit him and Adams or another top WR in the GPP lineup.

Alexander the Great- he will get all the carries with Dalvin out. He will be popular but I think it is worth it to be a follower with this play.

CEH- with Leveon signing this week everyone is talking about how CEH will be benched now. It would just make complete sense for him to go off this week and have his best game since week 1. He has the numbers but he hasnt found the endzone often. The reason for this is that the Chiefs tend to not be in the Redzone often. They score on bombs and that limits CEH's opportunities to score. 

Wr: Davante Adams- He is making his way into a good amount of our lineups as the high cost option. He hasn't played since week 2 he is looking like he may be making up for lost times. Kill it with the prime time play. There are only a couple of 4 O'clock plays so hit it with a Tshirt on.

Claypool- is still a nice play. He will be highly owned but he lines up everywhere and he will be a matchup nightmare for defenses moving forward. 

Thielen- all Minnesota offense is a GO this week! Thielen is the top of the bunch but Jefferson is A OK also!

Cooper- Dalton will lean heavily om his top WR. I still think Lamb is the most talented but Cooper will put up numbers in this offense for the rest of the year.

Godwin- coming back from injury will make him a forgotten piece. Plug him in at a likely low ownership.

TE:  Ertz- may be priced too high and he looks slow anymore. I just dont see how there can be this large of a drop off when he has been Wentz go to guy for the last couple of years. If there is anything left in Ertz tank it will show in game slike today against a string Baltimore defense where the Birds will need him to step up,

    Hockenson- Is still Chol's number 1 TE play this week (se ebelow)

    Engram- has a nice matchup against Washington. He is a legit big target in the endzone for Dan Jones. He is a nice cheap plug in.

    Tonyan- He hasnt played since his monster Monday night game because of Bye weeks. It will be interesting to see how he fits in with Davante Adams back in the ix for GB. I think that he gets his and is option #2 in the passing game behind Adams.

Andrews- Big cost play here. The Eagles linebackers can not cover atheletic tight ends at all. Andrews could have a onmster game this week. 

D:  Miami , New England and the Rams are our plays. No changes since the beginning of the week.

Fantasy Chef: 

Chef like Hooper as his sleeper Tightend. He will be extrmely low owned.

Also, looking at Irv Smith Jr to get in the endzone and take advantage of a weak Atklanta defense.

Loving Julio this week to come back with a thunder!!!!

Going big on the Lions and his play of the day is Kenny Golladay!!!!

JB Picks

QB- Matthew Stafford

He has still put up numbers all year but people always hate on him. This matchup against Jax is too good to be true. Load up on Matty. Stack him (with KG especially) or play him naked. He is the gun you want.....the gun you need.



RB- Myles Gaskin

Gaskin isn't sexy at all but he has gotten the opportunities and will continue to in the Miami offense. He is facing a Jets defense that already want the season to be over. Gaskin is the cheap type of starter that you and most other top GPP players will have in your pick the correct stud to go with him and you are set.



WR- Crowder

I hate picking him but I have to. The Jets stink but he gets his numbers. This guy is a reception machine. DFS winners are built on players like him from shitty teams. Rock him this week!



TE- Irv Smith

I love him against a weak Atl defense. Last week he showed glimpses. He can perform at a top 10 TE level. At his cost that is gravy. (Phantasy Chef likes him too and these two rarely agree)

Miami Defense

They play the Jets!

Chol Picks

QB- the Mustache man

Minshew will keep the Jags in the contest against the Lions. I love Stafford and Minshew in this contest. This is the full game stack to target this week.

Bonus: Carson Wentz- He is all that the Bird shave and he is cheap as shit. If they score he will be part of it. At his cost it is a risk worth taking in GPP. Ravens are top ranked and priced defense. This move is total contrarian.



RB- AP    

Dude is cheap as all hell and against Jax (like we said earlier) the points will be there. JB loves the passing game against them. I love everything against them. Play him cheap and fit the studs around him. Holla at cha boy!

Bonus: Alexander Mattison

Everyone will be playing him. he will put up numbers but dont go all in with him. Play him in some lineups though. If you only do 1 or 2 lineups have some fun and skip him.


WR- J Jefferson

He is the cheap one out of the two but I love both of Minnesota's WRs against the Falcons defense. A new head coach is not going to fix things in one week. Load up on both WRs and maybe even Cousins (and I hate Cousins).

Bonus: Thielen 

Play them both! 

Bonus #2: Robby Anderson

The Temple boy keeps killing it. He is the Panthers number one wideout right now and is priced as a number 3 in DFS. Take advantage of that while it is still low.



TE- Evan Engram

JB loved him last week. I love him this week. i have no respect for the Washington Defense. I can fully see Engram exposing them and coming down with a 2 TD performance this week. 


Hockenson- We already told you that we love this game and TJ may be in the best position of them all. Play him in a stack with Stafford or in a full game stack with Minshew, Shenault, TJ and AP....

D- Patriots

New England should fully destroy the Broncos. They aren't ready to handle a defense like the Pats. The Patriots may get a TD in this one off of a pick.

Bonus: Rams- The 9ers dont look great right now and the Rams may be able to take advantage of that and put up some solid defensive numbers. As I have aid before though TDs are what is important in picking a defense in DFS.


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