Philly Sports Wave- Week 4 DFS Sleeper Picks

 Last week did not end up as bad as it looked at first. Check out The Article from last week for a complete recap that was done on Sunday night and a review of the Millimaker winning lineup from Draftkings. 

This week we actually agreed on many of the top plays and had to re-write the article because JB and Chol had common names for three positions each on their write up. Check out this weeks podcast to hear/watch a deeper dive into each position with Chol, JB and Rick Starfish doing a quick 30 minute review of their best sleeper plays of the week.

Combine these plays with your top plays of the week and make that paper! There are big winners every week. Lets make one be you this week! 

Hit us up on twitter with any questions! @CholSouders, @jmb0629, and @Rick_Starfish.  Send all dick pics to @jmb0629.

This week is not the week to spend all of your money. To put it lightly this slate wasn't very appealing to begin with and now the Titans, Steelers, Patriots and Chiefs are not on the slate. Save your funds for next week and go all in then.

If you insist on playing a large amount this week we are here to help still. I think that the bets play here is to full game stack games in large tournaments.Look at the Dallas/Cleveland, Saints/Lions, & Seattle/Miami are the most popular stacks. Chol is personally playing a good amount of Cowboys/Cleveland full game stacks and Arizona/Carolina stacks.

UPDATE: 7:30PM Saturday Oct 3rd  More Updates in THE AM

NE and KC- Game is postponed but the NFL is still trying to play it on Tuesday of this week. This will be a huge pain in the ass. Each site will need their engineers to format the schedule to include Tuesday and Wends for each Fantasy week along with Monday. All new weeks should start at kickoff of Thursdays game. This should happen regardless because chances are Covid is going to continue to be a problem for the NFL. Fantasy players can risk keeping NE and KC player sin their lineups but unless you are in a league where the commissioner will do a manual switch for all teams if the game is a late cancel the risk may not be worth it. (all of my leagues have it so each team will have the kc/NE player sin their lineup but have group text messaged a player before 1pm Sunday that will be switched to starter in there place if the game gets canceled late Sunday, Monday or Tues.


We are no longer afraid to play Saints players after last nights COVID scare. KAMARA is the bets play on the slate! We ar eloading up on Kamara, Zeek Elliott, Jacobs, and Dalvin in 90% of our lineups (at leats one of them). 

Stacks- JB is digging the Miami Dolphins mini-stack of Fitzmagic and Parker. Chol likes full game stack there with Mikey G involved somehow but playign a total of 5 players from the game.

QB- Danny Jones is a good low cost Millimaker play. Nobody will play him. Throw a dart at Wentz. He wont be played by anyone and if Jesus really loves him he may will him to vistory (PRAYERS UP PLAYBOYS!)

RB- Montgomery may get some extra work with Foles getting attention now.

WR- playign TY Hilton again in 40% of lineups. He can score multi TDs against a weak CHicago secondary.

TE-Playing Akins in a stack with Watson and Fuller. May throw this same in a game stack with Jefferson and Cook.

D- no changes.

QB- We are playing alot of studs with Russ, Kyler and Dwat being in the majority of our lineups. Chol is playing some BDN in a stack with Graham and Miller, as he planned. Also, doing one total Wentz lineup. He has Joey IceCream Man and Jimmy HertzCarSalesman as his wideouts this game (aka people that the Birds picked up off of the street). Its Sunday Night so he isn't in most contest but Fri-Sunday or Fri-Monday could see very few lineups with this play. Wentz stacked with Ertz, Sanders, and Greg Ward or Burnett and come back with McKinnon and either Kittle or Brandon Aiyuk for a full game stack. Really risky but that is the shit that makes the panties drop! $$$$$

RB- Chol is loving McKinnon to catch a large amount of dump off passes out of the backfield. He was pulled early last week in a blowout so if you just look at the stat line you are gonna think Wilson was the due...he wasn't and isn't. mcKinnon is the DUUUUUUUDE!

WR-Any Monday Night Slate needs Ridley in it.

All Bears look like cheap plays.

Detroit and New Orleans WRs are all in at low cost.

TE- Stick to Picks

Fantasy Chef- 

Wide Receivers-

Chef is cooking up some Gumbo with Traquan Smith this week- MT and Cook are both out and besides Kamara someone else needs to get the ball. Smith is their number 1 options.

He expects Guyton to find the endzone with No Mike Williams again for the Chargers.

Preston Williams and Greg Ward (who is a play for most of PSW this week)  are going to have their bets games of the year this week.

San Fran Defense  against a struggling Eagles team. (Chol also likes both of the defenses in the Sunday Night matchup)

The Jessman (who called in a winner to the pod in back to back weeks now) 

He Loves Hightower from the Eagles to score a TD as his sleeper pick to win a TD in the Game prop bet on Fanduel or Draftkings. 




The schedule makers were very unkind to the Texans to start their year making Watson and the Texans offense look pretty pedestrian without DHop as the go to. That changes this week for Watson and this offense against a Vikings D that simply does not play defense well. I expect big things from Watson and the Texans offense as a whole and as you will see below I am doubling down on that with a good ole fashioned stack option for my lineups.



Every year there is a feel good story in the NFL, whether it is a comeback story or underdog. Robinson is checking the boxes for that this year and I expect him to be very active this week against a bad Bengals run D. Add in the fact he is now involved in the passing game and that just sweetens the pot for me . Expect a big day from Robinson at a nice affordable cost just like we like.



“ STACK ALERT “ Potential and ability have never been the question with Fuller, durability has been. Could this finally be (gasp) his breakout year without D Hop as the number one? We will sure find out and I am banking on him having a huge game here with Watson as I stated before the Vikings are not good at defense, in fact against opposing WR’s they rank 29th on the year. I am stacking Watson and Fuller and spending a little with my other 2 WR slots.



The Browns have struggled to cover the TE for what seems to be forever now. Schultz is seeing plenty of targets from Prescott over the past weeks and that volume alone makes him a strong play. A lot of upside with this play here.



 10+ sacks the past two games , getting Carolina who have allowed Bridgewater to be sacked 7 times the past two games … 7…..7…. just in case you didn’t read it right and do not see the pattern here.




Had to add him in here as I will be playing him a lot as a MVP in single game formats and in Sunday night/ Monday night slates. He is playing at an elite level again . I do not know if it is because the Pack went and drafted Jordan Love as the heir apparent , or his smokeshow of an ex Olivia Munn trying to steal his manhood but something has lit a fire under his ass. Oh BTW he gets the Falcons who allow the most point to QB in fantasy this year. Thank you Olivia.


Chol's Picks 

QB- Jared Goff

The entire Philly Sports Wave crew loves Goff against the horrible Giants defense. Goff is averaging 25 fantasy points per game. We expect him to clear that by at least 10. He is a mid-cost start to focus on.

Other Plays: Minshew in a shootout, Dak in a stack with WRs and Big Dick Nick continuing his comeback tour.


RB- JK Dobbins

Coming off of a tough Monday Night matchup against the best team in football it is easy to see the Ravens leaning heavily on their 21 year old, youthful running back. He is willing and able to carry the load against the Washington defense that will be focusing on stopping the play of QB , Lamar Jackson. Dobbins is low cost and high reward.

Other plays: AP-who is now the announced starting RB in Detroit, D Freeman- who will get phased into the Giants offense more and Carlos Hyde with Carson a bit banged up from Cowboys dirty play.

Studs: Kamara and Miles Sanders


WR- CeeDee Lamb

Stack him with Dak and play someone from the other side of the matchup (OBJ or Cleveland RBs) for a full game stack. A Dallas/Seattle full game stack won the Millimaker last week....could a Dallas/Cleveland One win this week?


TE- Jimmy Graham

Just like Nick Foles this is a comeback tour for Jimmy Graham. Foles loves going to his tightends and you could see the chemistry building last week. The Bears may have found something with these old men. Stack them or play them know you want too.

Other Plays: Ertz without Dallas G for a few weeks, and Noah Fant- I love TE with Rookie QBs or young QBs starting their first game.


DEF- Seattle Defense

 They should destroy the Dolphins. Miami may turn the ball over a lot in this one since Fitz loves to take chances. I can see the Seahawks scoring a TD or two in a blowout.

Other Plays: Ravens against Washington, Arizona against Carolina, and Philly and San Fran playing each other.



Kyler and D-Hop

Keep stacking them until it doesn't work and then wait until the next Sunday and stack them again! It has been a strong play every week.  That will not stop. These two were meant to play with each other. Being able to watch them play is God's gift to us all.



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