Philly Spots Wave Week 8- NFL DFS Sleeper Picks


Write up coming later this week along with UPDATES.

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QB- Ryan Tannehill



He is not getting the respect he has earned. He is ranked 10th in season long and will end up a lot higher after this week with a matchup against the Bengals awful defense. Bengals have given up 12 scores to QB’s the past 3 weeks and Tannehill has had multiple scores thrown in the past 3 games. That ladies and gents is a recipe for a big day for Mr. Tannehill.



RB- Jonathon Taylor


Welcome to the Jonathon Taylor show premiering this week. Taylor was ok – solid before the bye, but I expect a breakout this week as I am sure Reich opened more of the offense to him over the bye week. He gets the Lions porous rush defense that ranks near bottom of the league in scores relinquished to RB’s. And they cannot cover them out of the backfield on pass routes either. Get him in Lineups



WR- Brandon Aiyuk




While I expect Kittle to have a big day here against Seattle, Aiyuk is the #1 WR for the 49ers this week coming off his best game of his rookie campaign against NE. He now gets an incredible matchup against Seattle who allow the most points to the WR on the season. Low cost big upside, yea we love that.





TE- Jonnu Smith


I am stacking here with Tannehill and not getting cute. In the words on Young Gunz, Bengals can’t stop, won’t stop Smith. He is going to have a big game as does every TE that faces the Bengals.






They create turnovers, The Jets turn the ball over a lot. This isn’t rocket science here I love any defense that gets to face the Jets offense and crazy eyes, but I am man crushing this week on the Chiefs D .


Chol's  WEEK 8 Plays


QB- Carson Wentz


Carson seems to have gained a lot of respect from the national media. He has taken an asskicking over the last handful of games and has not had many of his supporting cast to help him. No Ertz, Jackson, Miles Sanders, etc...He has helped turned undrafted players into starters and somehow, even though the division is horrible, has the birds in first place with none game left until their bye week. This game is big for Philly as it would get some nice spacing for them on top of the division. Wentz is facing a depleted Cowboys defense and specifically a secondary that has been bunrt in most contest this season. He is getting back rookie, Jalen Reagor, who is expected to become Carson's big time target downfield and may be able to pull down one or two 30+ yard passes and get into the endzone.  I said that I wouldn't do this but I am rolling with the homie this week. Locking Carson is most of my lineups tat have Sunday night's included in the slate. 

Bonus: Arod & Mahomes- The 2 top priced guys are both going to crush it this week and may both go very low owned because of their cost and the amount of good low cost options.

Low owned: Tua- this play is a coin flip. We really don't know what to expect from Tua but I think his cost is so low and Miami has played nicely this season with Fitzy at QB. I cna tell you that I do expect Tua to run a decent amount. The speed of the NFL may catch him by surprise and casue him to lean on his natural talent and that is running the football and being a playmaker.

Lower Cost: Joey B, and Herbert- Both young gunslingers have started the year off on a killer pace and Herbert has surprisingly played like a top 7 QB. I expect both of these kids to continue their high productivity this week and move even deeper into this two man battle for the Rookie of the Year which will be fun to watch for the rest of the season.


RB- JK Dobbins



With Ingram likely out this week I think that this may be the bust out welcoming party for JK. He has tons of talent and seems to have inserted himself into the lineup nicely next to Lamar in tat backfield. I still expect Gus Edwards to get a fair share of snaps but Dobbins is the real deal in my opinion and the only thing that has held him back is the fact that the Ravens are so stacked in the backfield.  Expect Dobbins to reach the end zone at a low cost but I am not sure how many times because Edwards may get the goalline carries.


WR- Justin Jefferson


Jefferson will benefit from Thielen being shadowed by the best cornerback statistically in football right now. This will cause Jefferson to see a larger than average number of targets and he will also have be most likely playing from behind for a good portion of this game. Everyhting adds up for Jefferson to again shine. 

Bonus Plays:

Travis Fulgham- I am stacking him with Wentz in some all contest that include Sunday Night. He is still the number one guy for Philly even with Reagor coming back. 

Davante Adams- He will be high priced and high owned but this matchup is as good as it gets and you may need to play him just to hang in most GPPs. It is not an ideal play because of his cost but you need to roll with it even though it will make it difficult to build a lineup. 


TE- Darren Waller


I like the matchup against Cleveland for Waller. Carr has been able to hit his WRs more often this season but I think that Waller is still the key to moving the ball downfield for LV. His athleticism should shine this week against Cleveland and I fully expect Vegas to gameplan to involve him early and often. 


Shultz- facing Philly is a nice matchup for TE. The Philly LB core has been their Achilles heel this season and really struggle in coverage. 

Gronk- Gronk is starting to Gronk and even though there may not be enough footballs to go around soon. I think Gronk will fully take advantage of all of the speed that is surrounding him. He is getting back in shape and he is going to put up numbers for the rest of the season. 




 They play the Jets. I'm locking them in a majority.

Other nice plays: Philly facing Dallas. 



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