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Philly Sports Wave Week 12 DFS Sleepers

With this week being a shortened slate with three games played already on Thursday and the Pitt/Baltimore game moved to Tuesday night and still possibly not going to be played the choices are very limited.  With that being said, there will likely be a high ownership on many core players this week so one or two contrarian picks in your lineup that hit may be the ticket to a huge payday before the holidays! Lets ride the wave into a winning holiday season!!!!  JB’S WEEK 12 PICKS QB- DEREK CARR He gets to face the Falcons in this one who have allowed over 20 pts in past 6 games. Carr has performed well this year indoors and I expect that to continue against a Falcons team that ranks 32 nd against the QB position this season. BONUS- I also think Brady bounces back here against the Chiefs and Daniel Jones as well RB- ZACH MOSS Call this a hunch but I think the rookie is in for a nice game here , he looked like the lead back heading into the bye and I think that continues against the Charger

Week 11 DFS Podcast-Sleepers and Plays for Sunday

  The boys did a quick Pod at 11AM to recap their top plays for Sunday and have some laughs.  ***UPDATE: We had some big time hits like Starfish running with the Browns Defense, JB pushing Mike Williams as a solid play along with Kennan Allen in a Chargers stack and Chol sticking with Goedert even though he cant veen sit through the Birds games anymore and loving the Zeek/Cook same game stack even though they were both more popular than he expected...Zeek came in below 10% in Milli Maker though.  Winning MilliMaker Lineup: QB-Taysum Hill RB-Cook RB-Ahmed WR- Thielen WR- Allen WR- D Johnson TE- Goedert FLEX-Lamb D- Cleveland

Philly Sports Wave: Week 11 DFS Sleepers

This week is a clusterfuck to say the least! The Taysom Hill mess that has been caused in season  long leagues on ESPN has opened the door for leagues to have 2 starting QB on a team. Great job by CBS, Yahoo and other sites that addressed this before the week. This is just another example of how ESPN has become dog poo not only as a network but as a site. I know that we are just a few local Philly guys doing a short blog, so our opinion don't matter much, but it is unreal how such a huge corp can allow itself to become such a stain This Atlanta vs New Orleans game will be a shootout and we are pumped for it in every way possible! Anyway, we are expecting to do a pod on Sunday AM either live or on a short delay. Check in for updates to these brief picks. Ride that Wave people!!!! JB’S WEEK 11 PICKS   QB- BEN ROETHLISBERGER     With the run game struggling the Steeler’s coaching staff has figured out they can just throw to their 3 stud WR’s to move the ball at will and that d

Philly Sports Wave : Week 10 DFS Sleepers

  NEW RULE- WE NEVER MENTION WENTZ AS A TOP PLAY EVER.....WE LEARNED THAT LESSON TODAY ***Check back on Sunday morning for UPDATES and any Changes. Ride that Wave!!!!*** THIS WEEK IS KIND OF AN OFF WEEK FOR US. WE HAVE FOCUSED ON THE MASTERS ALOT AND ARE PLAYING THE LOWEST WEEKLY AMOUNT OF CONTESTS THAT WE HAVE FOR THE YEAR. WE ARE STILL IN A GOOD AMOUNT BUT NOWHERE NEAR THE AMOUTN OF PLAYS THAT A REGULAR SUNDAY HAS. UPDATES SUNDAY AM:  QB- Still heavy on Wentz and Goff. Building alot with Kyler still but he is higher owned than we expected. We were hoping that his cost would cause less of an ownership because we think he crushes today. Herbert and Tua are both decent plays in their matchups. We are playing them alittle but not heavy. RB-Expected high ownership for Mike Davis. We are starting to move some of our plays off of him to Gio Bernard at a lower cost so we can fit in stud WRs. WR- Brandon Aiyuk is going to be the focus of the 9ers offense we think. All of the James focus last

Week 9-Philly Sports Wave NFL DFS SLEEPER PICKS

Like a fine wine we have continued to get better week after week. While, we had some bumps in the road, we have had strong weeks the majority of this season and now we head into the back half which historically has been when we do our best. Most offenses are known now and it becomes harder to find "sleepers" each week but the key moving forward is finding the studs that are going to be low owned. If you are able to consistently do this you will finish 2020 profitable. Do not overdue your entries. Stick to a set amount of GPP high risk plays and some cash plays just to make back what you may lose in the GPPs. You do not want to make the mistake of thinking only the big pot wins are worth your time. Any win is worth it! Money is Money! Lets make some together this week and ride that wave the rest of this wacky 2020 season!  CHOL'S PICKS   QB- Derek Carr   Carr will have a good old fashion shootout this week against LAC and his stat sheet should be much more than what  his s


 Chol and Rick Starfish did a quick Sunday pod to get everyone ready for kickoff! It is Dallas Week in Philly so lets enjoy some cool beers and beating down the Cowgirls!  *** UPDATE: JB has made contact with us and he is not dead in a ditch somewhere. He just had a very say the least night with a few of the Philly Boys on Halloween. RIDE THE WAVE!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!