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Philly Sports Wave NFL Mock Draft #1 (Post-SuperBowl Mock) from John Burke

  JB’S POST SUPERBOWL MOCK      Happy draft season. One of my favorite times of the year as I am a draft NERD! This is a preliminary post SuperBowl/ Pre-pro day mock that will assuredly change after workouts and trades are executed. I will say I expect a lot of movement this year at the top of the Draft after the QB carousel comes to a stop. With team like Washington, Chicago, Carolina all looking to possibly move up which I expect WFT and Carolina to race for Trey Lance. However, for this post Superbowl mock we will stick to no trades and just mock from position. Enjoy the read!! JB 1. Jacksonville Jaguars- Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson No brainer Meyer gets a franchise QB to begin his tenure and the tea is loaded with cap room and draft capitol to build around Lawrence. 2. New York Jets- Zach Wilson, QB BYU This is with the belief that Darnold is traded and Saleh and Douglass get their own guy. Wilson can make every throw on the field with accuracy opening the offense with his athleti